AOD Academy



All Our Dreams (AOD) Academy is a self-funded tuition-free K-6 school providing high quality and holistic education to the most vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic. Through this program AOD provides children with school materials, uniforms, daily vitamin and 2 nutritious meals per day (breakfast and lunch).

Our curriculum is addressed in all instructional areas. Materials are adapted in the Canadian context and accommodations are made to meet each child’s individual needs. Within our school’s welcoming and intimate environment we provide a wealth of opportunities to bring out the best in all our students.

AOD Academy offers a library with books, desks, computers, a projector screen, and internet connectivity.

Students at AOD are less likely to turn to prostitution and violence than comparison children

Our Unique Model

Just access to education isn’t enough. At AOD we give students access to an education that facilitates not only academic knowledge and skills, but also enables us to reach our full potential as human beings and learn how to live together. Lessons go beyond book knowledge: Our energy is spent on modelling and truly empowering our young people on what confident, articulate, successful, respectful, self-confident boys and girls look like.

Quality Education

  • Dominican curriculum enhanced with Canadian
  • Access to technology in the classroom and library
  • Rigorous academic standards and regular assessment
  • Access to after school tutoring
  • Enrichment programs like debate, drama, spelling bees, sports, and arts & crafts


(Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene)
  • Access to western toilets
  • Clean drinking water
  • Hand-washing stations

Teacher Training

  • All Staff training on accountability
  • Twice yearly teacher training on classroom management, learning styles, lesson planning , etc


  • Preventive healthcare and routine medical attention at Rhonda’s Center
  • Routine Checkups


  • 2 home cooked meals/day

Child Protection

  • Policies and supervision in place to ensure safe and healthy learning environment


  • Code of Conduct
  • Staff Supervision and Performance Policies


  • Stable and well-equipped facility to ensure positive learning environment

Social Work Services

AOD Academy provides Social Work Services, including: Psychosocial counseling (Providing individualized counseling and support for students at school), home visits, follow-up house calls, emotional guidance, counseling for students acting out in class, and pregnancy-prevention services, health and well-being class twice per week



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